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PPE: Competent Person Inspection

A man in MSA fall protection equipment participates in training on a roof

This course is designed to meet emplyer moral and legal obligations with regard to detailed examination of workplace fall protection equipment. Successful completion of this training qualifies an individual as a company Competent Person to inspect workplace fall protection equipment.

Basic course focuses upon soft goods, harnesses, lanyards, ropes, and anchor stops. Modules can be added for self-retracting lifelines (SRLs), man-riding winches, and more.

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Tower Rescue

Safety managers gather around the MSA training vehicle

This course provides individuals with the skills and confidence to carry out rescues from industrial towers and masts. The need for timely rescue is well-known; this course explores serveral options including the cutaway, rescue descent devices, and temporary haulage systems dependent upon individual requirements.

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Tower Climbing

Two industrial workers in MSA fall protection harnesses look up at the MSA training vehicle

This course provides inviduals with the skills and confidence to climb open structure steelwork to access exposed tower or mast areas and to work safely outside the confines of a safe working platform.

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Advanced Rescue

Two industrial workers open a confined space during a rescue training class

This course provides inviduals with the skills and confidence to rescue fellow workers from height. Successful course completion provides situational solutions, such as that of a worker who has fallen and is left suspended or incapacitated within an area of limited access, as well as ensuring both moral and legal compliance.

In addition to basic lift and vertical lower, use of ropes to guide the casualty away from structures is covered, as well as use of stretchers, and other methods.

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Fall Protection Awareness

The MSA fall protection training vehicle is parked outside of an industrial site

Must-have course for those required to work in or access areas where there is potential for fall from height. This course is suitable for all industries, providing a mixture of theory and practical; practical elements are based upon your workplace environment and day-to-day work activities.

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MSA Latchways RIBA Approved CPD Seminar

The MSA fall protection training vehicle is parked outside of an industrial site

This Latchways seminar is an approved RIBA CPD seminar titled ‘Understanding work at height legislation: How to select and specify fall protection systems to ensure compliance.’ RIBA members are required to carry out at least two hours of study from within RIBA CPD Core Curriculum subjects. The seminar falls under the knowledge level of "general awareness" and provides one hour of study within the CPD core curriculum subjects of:

  • Being Safe: health and safety
  • Designing and building it: design, construction, technology and engineering
  • Compliance: legal, regulatory and statutory frameworks and processes

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