FGFD Oil and Gas

Fixed gas and flame detection (FGFD) solutions tailored to oil and gas.

Our world-class products and expertise meet the evolving needs of oil, gas, and petrochemical workers worldwide.

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Leading the Way in Oil and Gas FGFD Safety

Oil, gas and petrochemical industries and their potentially hazardous and combustible materials require gas and flame detection and monitoring solutions. Chemical handling, storage, and possible spills and leaks require early detection and fast response using durable, reliable detection instruments. MSA designs and manufactures a complete line of world-class detection products for oil, gas and petrochemical facilities monitoring.

Whether upstream, downstream, or midstream, continuous combustible and toxic gas monitoring is critical.

Dangerous hydrocarbons can accumulate during separation, dehydrating and processing. Hydrogen Sulfide(H2S) gas can pocket during exploration and processing, posing risks to facilities and workers.

Газ-монитор ULTIMA® X5000

Газ-мониторът ULTIMA® X5000 е бъдещето на газоотчитането за кислород, токсични и възпламеними газове. Сензорите за газ MSA XCell® с технологията TruCal® се отличават с калибрационни цикли с продължителност до 24 месеца (при спазване на локално калибриране). Свръхмодерният, многоезичен OLED дисплей на предавателя е лесен за четене, а благодарение на уникалния интерфейс на сензорния екран ще управлявате менюто по-лесно от всякога.

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Offshore exploration backed by reliable protection on the oil platform.

Used for exploration of new and existing oil and gas fields, offshore oil platforms and Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) can be subjected to dangerous combustible and toxic gas threats. Highly corrosive marine environments require robust gas and fire solutions.

Газ-монитор General Monitors S5000

Газ-мониторът S5000 на General Monitors е първокласен детектор за газ за екстремни условия на околната среда, при които трябва да се отчита наличието на кислород, токсични и възпламеними газове. Той работи в голям температурен диапазон, служейки си с разнообразни сензорни технологии. Сензорът за газ XCell® с технологията TruCal® удължава калибрационните цикли до 24 месеца. Възможността за работа с двойни сензори удвоява сензорната мощ.

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From perimeter monitoring to point and flame detection, MSA offers detection suite that covers midstream applications.

FL4000H Multi-spectrum IR Flame Detector

The FL4000H is an advanced multi-spectrum infrared (MSIR) flame detector that provides superior false alarm immunity with the widest field of view. The FL4000H employs a multi-spectral optical IR sensing array with a sophisticated Neural Network Technology (NNT) system to reliably discriminate between actual flames and the vast majority of false alarm sources. The FL4000H detects typical fires such as alcohol, n-heptane, gasoline, jet fuels and hydrocarbons. It can also see through dense smoke produced by diesel, rubber, plastics and lube oil fires.

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